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The Amazing Towers in the Shower
Duration: 03:33 mins

Do you ever wonder what a girl like Tiffany does when she's alone in the shower? Is she in and out in a flash, or does she take time to massage her huge boobs, play with her pussy and spread her ass cheeks? "Taking a shower is one of my favorite parts of the day," Tiffany said. "I really enjoy that alone time." We think you will, too. Watch the video to see TIffany clean every inch of her body.... More!

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Tawny & Tiffany Towers
Duration: 03:09 mins

Tawny's scene with Tiffany Towers was a meeting of two of the most popular SCORE Girls of the 1990s. They were nationally known because of appearances in SCORE, on stage in the big-bust strip clubs and on TV. "I just did a girl-girl shoot with Tawny Peaks which will be real hot. She's the teacher and I'm her student. I have my hair back in little barretts, and some freckles on my face. It's... More!

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Tiffany Loves Pussy
Duration: 13:43 mins

Is there any hotter than two busty babes sucking each other's tits and playing with each other's pussies? No way! In this video, Tiffany and Stacey Vaughn go tit to tit for a little lezzie fun. Tiffany's bustier than Stacey, but then again, Tiffany is bustier than everyone! That doesn't stop her from manhandling Stacey's mounds, though. "I love fooling around with all kinds of girls," Tiffany... More!

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